"If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun."

// Katherine Hepburn

Introducing Lana

Welcome to the world of Lana van Dam; a perfectly curvaceous companion based in New York City.  When we meet, I know you will be smitten.  My porcelain skin and inviting lips will first draw you in, and you will continue to find that I’m wonderfully down to earth, kind, and full of joy.  I care deeply about connecting with you and giving you the space to feel comfortable being yourself.  I am everything you are seeking – genuine, natural, real.  Come closer.  Let’s get to know one another.

Embracing the feminine in all its forms, I am most drawn to the vintage feel of pinup culture and design.  My perfect hourglass figure will resurrect your longing for classic beauty – my alabaster skin, smooth copper hair, and sapphire eyes are the height of luxury.  On the surface, I am sweet as candy. Get to know me, and you will come to enjoy my razor-sharp wit and delicious sense of humor. Above all, I am an exceptional conversationalist with a beaming smile and a full laugh.

I am well educated, and I can certainly hold my own conversing with people from all walks of life.  I have moved through many circles quite comfortably, making me the ideal date to accompany you just about anywhere.  Most importantly, however, I certainly don’t take myself too seriously and I hope you don’t either. It’s incredibly dull not to laugh at the little things!

My warm smile will put you at ease, and my empathy will envelop you.  Let me be your safe escape.  I value connection, depth, and the comfort we can find in one another.

I enjoy cultivating connections with gentlemen who are thoughtful, respectful, and kind.  For me it’s very much about sharing experiences that stimulate the mind and soul.  Listening to the rain, sitting by the fire, great music, a lovely documentary, a great meal, a walk through the countryside… and truly discovering together.  Let’s make the most of our time together!

The Essentials

AGE // MID-30’S

HEIGHT // 5’7″ (170 CM)
SHOE SIZE // 9.5 US (39.5 EU)

WAIST // 31 IN (79 CM)
HIPS // 42 IN (107 CM)
DRESS SIZE // 12 US (42 EU)


About You

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.

// C.G. Jung

Gentlemen who I choose to spend my time with are kind, respectful, polite, generous, and value my needs.  Most importantly, I only choose to be with those who uphold my boundaries under any and all circumstances.  Furthermore, I value a gentleman who plans ahead, is punctual, and who takes note of my detailed etiquette information.

You have a sense of humor, and you love exploring all that life has to offer. Shared experiences, laughter, and genuine connection elate me.  It’s what I truly love about what I do.  Let’s be ourselves with one another – allow ourselves the safe space to exhale & find comfort in our closeness.  If you are craving sensuality and intimacy then you will most certainly find that in me.

As a gentleman who prefers quality over quantity as well as discretion, you will appreciate that I prefer to maintain a selective clientele as it allows me to prioritize those with whom I truly enjoy being with.   Let’s let our journey begin.