Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport.

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Let’s go places together – we’ve certainly been staying put long enough.  The world is absolutely beautiful, and there’s nothing better than going on an adventure with someone else you are deeply connected to.  I have a sense of childlike wonder that others find quite endearing and travel really brings it out.  There is so much to explore, and why not do it together?  It’s so much more fun to jet away when you’re with someone. 

Furthermore, if you already live far from me and want to Fly-Me-To-You, then do inquire.  You may be quite busy and want a companion to join you where you are, and I am more than happy to do so.  I always love broadening my horizons and meeting gentlemen wherever they may be.  Simply inquire HERE, follow my screening and booking guidelines, and I’ll be on my way to be with you before you know it.

While my traditional career takes precedence, I do hope to sneak away on a few planned tours when time allows. I choose my destinations based on my bucket list, so longer engagements will be prioritized to allow me my much needed time to explore. I do not accept short notice inquiries, so as they saying goes: “those who fail to plan, plan to fail”. 

For all touring and fly-me-to-You rates, please use the globes below. Listed rates do not include travel expenses for FMTY, please inquire privately for more details.

International & Touring Rates

North America




Wouldn’t you just love to get away?  I know I would!  Let’s get a breath of fresh air elsewhere together.  My goodness let’s get away from it all.  I absolutely love exploring and seeing all that the world has to offer us. I have a childlike sense of wonder, and traveling really brings that out and I feel incredibly alive.  I want to share it all with you.  We finally have the opportunity to travel, and nothing’s stopping us so let’s do it – together!

Central & South America


Costa Rica


St. Lucia

Asia & South Pacific


Bora Bora