Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you choose to be a companion?

It’s quite simple – because it allows me to combine what I truly love.  Sensuality, connecting with others, and having amazing, unique experiences.  It makes me happy, and I am able to be my most authentic self.  Moreover, my background and life experience allow me to fit well into any scenario that we choose to explore.  I am an excellent date in this way.  I do want to make use of those etiquette lessons, but I still want to be rather naughty.  I enjoy having my cake and eating it too – but let’s order it for two (or three), please! 

What can I expect on our date? I have never done this before!

Not to worry!  I don’t bite.  I think you’ll find that your nerves disappear a bit once we meet and things progress.  I feel that the best antidote for this seems to be one of my curated dates. (link to it). This way we can enjoy one another for awhile and do a fun activity before progressing to the more advanced stages of our rendez-vous.  When we are smiling together as we eat a lovely lunch, or walking and holding hands at the Met, I’m sure you’ll relax slowly into our connection and realize that I want nothing more than to allow you to be your true self with me. I care deeply about making you feel at ease.  In my experience those nerves tend to melt away somewhat quickly as I am a very genuine woman who wants nothing more than to connect with you.  In any event, I also adore the art of massage, so when all else fails - lay down and take a deep breath.

Why are you so private?

Simply private by nature.  I am truly an old soul, and I care much more about face to face interaction.  Moreover, my clientele is also very discreet and I prefer to be respectful of that by conducting myself thoughtfully.  It’s really nothing you should worry about – quite the contrary!  If you are a private gentleman as well, then take comfort in the fact that I keep my cards close to the vest.  When we are together, however, I connect naturally and laugh easily - we will be on our own secret adventure just the two of us.

Where are you based? Do you do FMTY?

I am based in New York City where I have lived for years, and yes I do FMTY.  You will find all of my rates and booking information HERE.  I very much enjoy living in New York – it is my home, and dating here is a blast!  There is so much in the city that I discover every day.  However, I do adore getting away as well.  For a FMTY you must pass screening of course, pay up front, and book in advance.  Then before you know it, I’ll be jetting off to be with you!

Are you bisexual? Do you do duos?

Yes! and yes!  I adore women, and I find that I mesh best with other providers.  I get along so well with them, and they are absolutely irresistible to me.  Duos are a fantastic way for all of us to have a wonderful time.  You may find my list of loved companions HERE  If you’re even thinking about it I suggest going for it - you won’t regret it one tiny bit.

What are a few of your favorite things?

I adore art & design.  Two of my favorite artists are Tara Donovan and Gerhard Richter, and I’m not really an art snob but I just like what I like.  I’m also a fan of architecture and so I am dying to travel more as I truly love appreciating what others have created and the craftsmanship that goes into it.  I love classic films – my favorite is Rear Window, and I like documentaries, and of course comedies.  Traveling is one of my favorite things to do – especially to the most beautiful places with nature around.  When I’m in New York I do try to take shorter trips to be near the ocean or to go hiking because I feel it’s really good for the soul.  To find out more about me I guess you’ll just have to meet me yourself, and I really hope that I get to meet you!

I like to party! Wooo! Why don’t you drink alcohol?

I don’t drink alcohol because it makes me flushed and feel very ill.  It simply doesn’t agree with me.  This isn’t to say that I am not a lot of fun to be with – I really love having fun!  Also, it does not bother me in the least if you have a couple of cocktails.  However, if you need to get truly wasted or high on our date then we probably aren’t a good fit.  Besides, alcohol dulls the senses and I am all about natural sensory experiences.

Do you take outfit requests? How do you dress?

No.  I dress extremely well, appropriately, in a feminine manner, and for the occasion.  You certainly won’t be disappointed.  If we are going somewhere with a dress code I am very aware of all of the intricacies and will knock it out of the park.  Furthermore, I personally feel more myself and comfortable dressing in a more subtle manner.  I find it draws less attention and allows us to appear just as we are - two adults on a date, enjoying a lovely time and nothing more.  Flashy just isn’t my style.  I’m more Barbour than bling.

What are you like in bed?

I am extremely sensual.  I love kissing, touching, feeling.  I’m quite a free spirit in bed and I very much enjoy helping men (and sometimes women) connect with their sensuality on a deeper level.  I love connecting, going with the flow, and seeing where we go together.  The intensity can be extremely powerful.  If you’re so curious about this then you’ll have to take me on a date and hopefully find out for yourself!

What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time I absolutely LOVE to pamper myself.  I know this may be shocking as I am a woman, but I love the spa. Otherwise, I go to meals with close friends, listen to music, go for walks in the park, and generally try to stay balanced.   Something I try to do as well is give back by volunteering, and I also enjoy taking courses in areas of study that interest me.