As a luxury companion, I love to plan amazing experiences for us to enjoy together.  This also takes the guesswork out for you, so that all that you have to do is relax and enjoy our date.  We can also be near our hotel to have easy access to a nap & naughtiness as well.  We may stay in the city or venture out a bit further for a longer date – your choice.  I am also excellent at planning adventures in other cities as well as internationally.  The world is ours!

The packages below include some of my must-do bucket list items, and the respective fees include all activities and my compensation. Additional curated dates are available & offered in shorter or longer lengths as bespoke pricing – please inquire.


Sailing on the Hudson

Sometimes all we need is a little change in perspective.  Come with me as we go sailing on the Hudson river.  I have always loved to sail – it’s so refreshing and fun.  Let’s feel the wind in our sails and glide along the water as we take in the city a bit differently.  Then we’ll have the best steak in the city and spend plenty of time a bit more intimately. 


6 Hours

Falconry Day Trip

How would you feel to hold out your hand and have a hawk fly from very far away, come closer & close, and then land right on it?  Pretty @#$%ing incredible I’d say.  So, let’s do it, and then let’s do it!  An unforgettable overnight where we go on a hawk encounter & walk, stay at a luxury inn, and have an intimate, incredible experience together.  Raptors on our hands, our twisted bodies melting together… a date Ron Burgundy himself would be jealous of.  Let’s do it!


16 Hours


Cowboy in the Countryside

We’ll travel along the river up to a top notch stable and go on a relaxing and scenic trail ride together.  Horses are incredibly healing and it’s such fun to ride them through the countryside.  What a wonderful way to connect with one another and nature.  We will then check into a premiere, luxury hotel with a spa to relax & get a bit more intimate for the rest of the evening… xx


24 Hours